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Ambassador Spotlight with Nathan Baugh

We are delighted to hear from another of our very active Ambassadors this week: Nathan Baugh from the British Army. He took part in 23 Apprenticeship Talks and What’s My Line activities last year and may even beat that record this academic year!

He was one of seven Ambassadors delivering a Careers Carousel at Linton Village College last week, and Dawn Easby Thwaits had a chat with him about his experience of being a volunteer Ambassador with Form the Future…

Name: Nathan Baugh
Job Title: Royal Military Police. Currently working as a British Army Careers Advisor
Organisation: British Army

When and why did you start volunteering with Form the Future?

“February 2022. I want to inspire young people and spread awareness and knowledge about incredible careers and opportunities within the British Army. Events supported and organised by Form the Future provided a perfect platform to do this.”

What other jobs did you do, before this one?

“I completed my A-Levels and applied to join the Army. Whilst I was awaiting to start my Army Career, I worked full time for approximately 6 months within an Amazon Warehouse as a contractor.”

Complete this sentence:

“When I was growing up, I wanted to be a professional footballer like a large proportion of kids! However, I established this wasn’t a realistic dream and always enjoyed the idea of policing, being able to help people and the community. Being in the Army you can most definitely achieve this.”

Best piece of career advice you have ever been given?

“Do what makes you happy. If you enjoy your job, you will never work a day in your life!”

What’s do you like most about being an ambassador and/or what keeps you coming back?

“Meeting a large array of incredible people and being able to engage and speak to students/employers/organisers.”

How do you know that volunteering with Form the Future makes a real difference to young people?

“There has been a high number of occasions whereby students follow up and successfully make an application, complete the process and commence their career within the British Army. Therefore, I can confidently say that I have visibility of the successful outcomes from volunteering for Careers Events with Form the Future.”

What about it has been a beneficial experience for you?

“The opportunity to meet masses of new people and employers, which subsequently allows me to share and hear career paths and opportunities available across the working industry. Hugely helps to improve on personal development such as social skills, self-confidence and the ability of public speaking.”

What would you say to someone who’s wondering whether to sign up as an Ambassador with Form the Future?

“100% sign up for as many events as you can for so many different reasons, in addition to those I’ve mentioned above. All events are organised to a high degree, and all Form the Future staff provide an incredible service to volunteers and the establishments they support. Extremely friendly and understanding.”

We plan to share the Ambassador Spotlight in our monthly Ambassador Update emails, as well as on our website and social platforms. It’s a wonderful way to raise the profile of your own volunteering whilst supporting Form the Future in a new and different way.

If you’d like to feature in our next Ambassador Spotlight, email Dawn, our Ambassador Engagement Manager and she’ll send you questions to respond to.

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