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Empower young people to dream big and fulfil their potential


Volunteers are essential to the work that we do.

Through our in-school and virtual events programme, our volunteers share their knowledge and experience with the workforce of the future. They help enhance skills and inform young people’s career aspirations.

"Getting involved with Form the Future has introduced me to true alternative networking. Volunteering your time to share knowledge puts you closer to other professionals willing to do the same, but more importantly...Your time, knowledge and the experience you learned yesterday will be absorbed by the professionals of tomorrow."

"Volunteering at a Form the Future event gave me the opportunity to share my years of knowledge with the employees of the future and, in the process, hopefully boost their confidence and prepare them for some of the challenges they will face entering the world of work."


Could you join our volunteer community and share your passion for what you do? Registering with us is easy and should take no longer than 10 minutes.
After completing the first step, you’ll be taken to your volunteer dashboard. The Account Progress Indicator on your dashboard will show you if you have anything left to complete. 



CUP wanted to get involved with a community activity where their board members could use their expertise to make a difference to young people.

alex iveson

“I decided to apply for an apprenticeship as I felt like I was ready to go into the working world.”

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