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Cambridge LaunchPad and Qualcomm Host Technology Day for Students

On the 19th of March, new Cambridge LaunchPad supporter Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd. welcomed 40 Year Six students from Fulbourn Primary School to the Cambridge offices to gain more experience in STEM subjects and learn about the roles available to them in the technology sector.

By providing students with a platform to meet inspirational role models currently working in the technology industry, Cambridge LaunchPad aims to encourage them to think about the possibilities available to them after they leave school. Students started off the day with an exploration of the jobs available at Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd. Throughout the day the students worked with different employee volunteers and were given the opportunity to ask them about their day-to-day tasks and what it is like to work with wireless technology.

Seema Webb, director, human resources, Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd., said

“At Qualcomm we work to develop a diverse and inclusive workforce of the future by fostering opportunities for students in STEM education. As a technology leader and a company of inventors, we take this responsibility seriously by investing in STEM programs and working with key community stakeholders, like Cambridge LaunchPad, as we strive to help everyone gain access to these opportunities and that the programs remain sustainable for future generations”


Volunteers led students on a tour of the site where they met with teams who make printed circuit boards and test different Bluetooth antennas and products. Students even got the chance to see inside the anechoic chamber, a room designed to completely absorb reflections of sound and electromagnetic waves. This gave the students a chance to see the real-life application of the work being done at Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd., as many didn’t realize the large number of devices that they use daily which contain a silicon chip. In the afternoon teams each programmed a BBC micro:bit to create an interactive badge and a wire loop game.

One year six student from Fulbourn Primary School, enjoyed her day at Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd.

“It was really interesting to see all the computers and high-tech equipment. There was a room that blocked all the sound waves off and radio waves – it looked like something out of Indiana Jones! My favourite thing was doing the programming and doing mini animations.”

During the day students were encouraged to develop skills that are needed throughout their education and future careers such as teamwork, communication, problem-solving and innovation. The students who best displayed their understanding of these skills were invited to attend the annual Cambridge LaunchPad award ceremony to be held at the end of the academic year.

Molly Askham, STEM Outreach Co-ordinator from Form the Future CIC, said

“It has been a great day here at Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd. The volunteers were so enthusiastic about their work and have definitely inspired the students to think about the jobs they could do in the tech industry in the future.”

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