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Phenomenal local support results in funding for new student entrepreneurship programme

Following a public vote in November, Form the Future CIC is one of 12 organisations in the Midlands and East region that has been awarded a grant from the NatWest Skills & Opportunities Fund. The £12,111 grant will enable us to develop a new enterprise programme that will benefit over 400 students from local schools.

Teaching students about the skills and behaviours needed to succeed in business, will encourage and inspire them to succeed in other areas of their lives. This new programme aims particularly to help and empower young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Michelle Yung, Marketing & Communications Manager at Form the Future CIC said:

“We are delighted to be receiving funding from the Natwest Skills and Opportunities Fund, as it will enable us to create a specialised programme that will benefit many disadvantaged students in our local area. We would like to thank everyone who voted for us for enabling this opportunity, and NatWest for providing their support.“

The programme will commence with an Enterprise Day at each school, where teams of Year 8–9 students will develop creative business ideas and pitch them to a ‘Dragon’s Den-style panel. Four teams from each event will be selected to receive a £100 seed fund to bring their idea to life, competing to generate the most profit.

The new ventures will be mentored by a local business professional, who will guide and advise the teams at each step of the way. Meeting real-life role models, getting involved in hands-on activities and introducing a tangible goal, can inspire previously disengaged students, and give them an opportunity to demonstrate their strengths.

Janat Hulston, Chair of NatWest’s Midlands and East Regional Board, said:

“Through the Skills and Opportunities Fund, we have been able to support a range of programmes across the Midlands and East of England in their development and delivery, and like those programmes that have won previously, Form the Future CIC has created a fantastic programme through which will have a positive impact on the local community.”

We are looking for business volunteers to lead the teams of students during their Enterprise Day and mentor the four teams that are selected to build and market their business ventures. If you would like to find out more or sign up to take part, please email our Events Assistant, Mariana Soberon at


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