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Career Insights – Natalie Boyle, Group Financial Controller at Allia Ltd

It’s time for some more Careers Insights with Cambridge Ahead!

In our final video of the series, we hear from Natalie Boyle, Group Financial Controller at not-for-profit Allia Ltd.

At 18, Natalie made the decision not to go to university, and instead trained while being sponsored by her employer, to become a chartered accountant. Looking back, Natalie wished she had known that things were going to work out when most of her friends went to university and she chose not to. University was not the only option to achieve what she wanted.

What Natalie particularly enjoys about her role now is that she’s not trying to create profit, it’s all about creating an impact.


Form the Future is delighted to support this project. We help young people find their route through education into employment, and what better way to do so than to showcase the world of career possibilities here on our doorstep in Cambridge. Information about the world of work, and the range of pathways and opportunities, strengthen young peoples’ capacity to make informed decisions and positive transitions. Ultimately, Form the Future is about inspiring and enabling young people to think about and plan their next step. 

Cambridge Ahead is passionate about the importance of young people getting the best possible education about career opportunities available to them, and highlighting the various pathways they can take into work. In order to support this objective, raise career aspirations and broaden horizons for young people, Cambridge Ahead has produced this series of videos for use in schools and colleges across the region and beyond. 

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