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12 Career Activities for Parents

1. Breakfast Brainstorm

Use mealtimes to explore where things come from and the jobs involved in getting them to us.

2. Jobs are everywhere 

Spot the job! Take it in turns name what people are doing or the jobs needed to make the things around us happen, work and move.

3. Behind the scenes

A family favourite TV show, musical or sports event can be used to discover the range of careers needed to make them happen.

4. You can’t be what you can’t see

Take another step into exploring the world around you and explore the jobs we can’t see. How many roles could it take to make an advert or a shop front?

5. Which animal am I? 

A suitable for all ages personality quiz that will tell you and your young person how someone’s strengths and interests could make them suitable for a given career.

6. Careers Crystal Ball

Easy-to-follow actions to practice decision-making, ideal for someone starting to think about what they’ll do after GCSE’s or beyond.

7. Decisions, decisions! 

Think about the jobs of the future. What might we need, what will people be doing? Think about what didn’t exist when you were their age and how different the world might be when they are yours.

8. Question Time

Interview time! A great way to help your young person get to know a relative or family friend, whilst learning about how varied working life can be.

9. Career Stories

Use some of the great resources out there to discover the careers of others. You’ll probably learn just as much as your young person through the process!

10. Would You Rather

A quick, fun game to help a young person consider the fundamentals of what matters to them when it comes to their career.

11. Career conversation cards

A ready-made activity that gives easy prompts to help start a conversation, with added guidance on how to support a young person through their answers.

12. The Ologist Game

A conversation-based activity to help someone discover what they value in working life and why.

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